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Salt Chlorinators

VX Salt Chlorinator

VX Chlorinator

Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Over dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine order. The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator continuously generates... Read More

Acqua Therepe

Acqua Therepe

Transform your pool into a luxurious mineral bath. Specially blended minerals are designed to soften your pool and spa water, for a swimming or bathing experience like no other. Swimmers can absorb... Read More

Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator

CHLORINATION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEo  4 sizes to suit all poolso  3 models to suit all budgetso  Upgrade from semi automatic pH control through to full chlorine and pH sensing... Read More

Viron Salt Chlorinator

AstralPool's Viron Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability.The Viron Salt Chlorinator's advanced electronic power supply provides pure DC... Read More

E25 Salt Chlorinator

The E25 Chlorinator offers affordable, reverse polarity self cleaning technology in a simple to use, easy to install yet robust and reliable product.This legendary reliability has now been... Read More